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President’s Council on Health and Well-being plans mocktails in the MUB

The President’s Council on Mental Health and Wellbeing met Friday, Jan. 21 to discuss their upcoming mocktail event for Winter Carnival. The mocktail event will be hosted in collaboration with the MUB Board and will be accompanied by karaoke. “The MUB Board is super excited,” Whitney Boroski of the Center for Student Mental Health and Well-Being said of the collaboration. The council hopes that the mocktail event will provide students with an alternative to alcohol, whether they need to alternate their beverage consumption or wish to avoid drinking altogether. The council deliberated a menu for the event, with dining services representative Jill Paterson presenting several options, while Graduate Student Government representative Jessica Bruning offered hot drinks as additions. Ultimately, the group decided to focus on drinks that were easy for the people running the event to make. “It might be best to keep things simple,” Lily Baker, Well-being Advocate at Michigan Tech said. Susan Liebau of the Wahtera Center agreed. “If you can batch stuff ahead of time, it’s pretty simple.” The council ultimately decided on four drinks, the Hot Not Toddy, the Rock Melon Nojito, the Grape Lime Rickey, and the Pineapple Temple.

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