What’s up with comedians starring in animated movies?


Barry B. Benson

What’s with people thinking Jerry Seinfeld is funny? Bro it’s literally 2021.

Barry B. Benson, bee bestie

The Bee Movie is the bee’s knees. It has everything a film could ever need, from romance and action to comedy and horror. TV networks like BeeNN and ABeeC play this movie every night, much to the beelight of everyone. No other movie protagonists come close in charisma and heroism to the savior of beekind: Jerry Seinfeld. 

This masterpiece starts on Jerry Seinfeld’s graduation day. Seinfeld is fortunate enough to earn straight Bs in school, so he moves onto honey production. While on a pollen trip, he comes across the love interest and falls for her. When Seinfeld realizes his precious honey is being endorsed by Goodfella Ray Liotta, he fights for the beegality of owning all the honey in the world. 

The timeless debate of whether bees should own the trademark to celebrity endorsed honey is explored here. Beelieve it or not, this is a topical debate with the market. As climate change wipes out natural habitats, bees will need more ways to make cash.

Additionally, the timeless jokes don’t get tiresome at all, especially if you’re a fan of bee puns. Seinfeld’s delivery is inspiring, to say the beest. 

The Bee Movie is beeutifully crafted to cater to any audience. If you like jazz, tennis, Ray Liotta, and bee puns, you’ll be buzzing in your seat.   




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