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100 years ago: The “K” courses

The following article ran in the Dec. 1, 1921 issue of the M.C.M. Lode.


Many students think that the “K’s,” or English courses, are out of place in a mining college. Whereas many have received an excellent foundation in English in high school there are still many among us who have not had the advantages of a good high school course and it is to these men that the “K’s” are of greatest advantage. An engineer should be able to express his thoughts in clear, simple, and concise language. The flowery and well turned phrases of the novelist or professional writer are detrimental rather than helpful to the engineer as his readers are more often seeking the facts about which he is writing rather than any literary ability. Every graduate of the college should be able to turn out a clear cut and illuminating report on any subject that comes up in his work. In order to be able to do this the men feel that their command of English is weak should pay special attention to these courses and endeavor to extend their ability in this direction. Those who feel that they already have a good command of English should exercise it and try to improve the smaller details. It is from this latter class that the LODE particularly seeks contributions. There is no easier way to improve than to practice and a LODE article not only helps the writer, but helps the school and the paper as well.

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