Husky thoughts: Thanksgiving traditions

Rachel Dick, Managing Editor

We went across campus to ask students, “What is your favorite Thanksgiving tradition?”

Here is what they had to say:


“Grandma’s stuffing.”







—Jennifer Wilson, 3rd-year Biomedical Engineering major


“Pumpkin pie with whipped cream.”







—Brandon Cox, 5th-year Computer Network and System Administration major


“Cooking with family and hunting.”







—Cody Creel, 5th-year Mechanical Engineering major


“Pheasant hunting, cooking dinner with my family, and having a winter bonfire.”






—Kyle DeRoche, 4th-year Mechanical Engineering major


“Have dessert with my family and watch football.”







—Marli Hietala, 3rd-year Biomedical Engineering major


“Making peanut butter pie and chilling with my family.”







—Margaret Ensminger, 2nd-year Materials Science and Engineering