Eagles on a roll


Eagles players Julio Saint-Felix and Sam Adegun fight for control against ISA FC player Saurbh Chougule. – Photo by Abhishek Patil

After three wins in the bag, the Eagles were looking to seal their place in the playoffs with another one. They played Indian Students’ Association Football Club on Thursday. Most times, the teams practice on opposite goals before the referee calls for the game to start. On Thursday, it was particularly unusual as both squads were playing together before the game.

Sam Adegun, the Eagles’ captain, said, “Most of us know each other since we regularly play together on weekends. It’s going to be fun to play against one another today.”

The match kicked off with a lot of energy. The pace was terribly high in the early stages, with both teams moving from goalpost to goalpost without converting any goals. The Eagles were down a few players for the first part of the match, including their keeper. Adegun subbed in, and made a couple of easy saves.

In the fifth minute, the Eagles finally broke the deadlock. Following a move by ISA FC, they counter-attacked and scored a goal, thanks to Allan Kambindama. ISA FC tried to retaliate with a few of attacks, but with the keeper Glenn Himawan back in the goal, none of them seemed threatening.

The Eagles started dominating after that, and soon followed with a goal from Fernando Chambole. He ran past two defenders and elegantly finished in the end. There was no looking back from here on, as the opponents started looking weary. The Eagles kept pressing with high spirit, and immediately netted two goals in quick succession.

Although ISA FC managed to keep the Eagles away nearly to the end, Ayodeji Amoo scored a goal skillfully moving past the opponent keeper in the dying minutes. The game ended with the score line 5-0 for the Eagles, with their qualification to the playoffs almost sealed.

Adegun looked very determined for his upcoming games. “Currently, we are playing well and hope to continue this form till the end,” he said. “We lost to a team last year and haven’t played them since, and are hoping to challenge them this time.”

Talking about the experience, he added, “This being my last semester at Tech, I will really miss playing with friends. A lot of our opponents are friends too, and that adds to the fun.” Adegun, an electrical engineering major, had his name on the scoresheet and will be leading his team for a playoff spot in the next game.

The upcoming round will be held at the Student Development Complex on Nov. 10.