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Are hobbies worth it anymore?

Most of us have at least one hobby we enjoy. Interests dictate what hobbies we invest in, whether that’s collecting Pokémon cards or scuba diving. Money and time also affect what we can do. If you’re stacked with 18 credits in a semester, then learning how to play guitar might not work out for you. Same goes for the money aspect; you don’t want to buy the most expensive camera for photography if you’re just starting out as a student. One that’s grown in popularity over the last twenty years is gaming. Video game players not only spend hundreds of dollars on consoles and games, but they also invest hundreds of hours in understanding the game and enjoying the content. It’s a matter of balancing your work and school lives with what your hobby demands.

So, if some hobbies need time, money, and heavy compromises to your schedule, are they still worth the investment? Yes.

In a world ravaged by COVID-19 variants and fake news, it’s almost become essential to have escapism in our lives. It’s a way to avoid the heavier and politicized topics creating anger amongst people. Some escape through work while others have their families for support. There are also students who dig their noses into books and campus activities to immerse themselves in another world. Working on one’s image and skillset is a valid way of spending time and money. Hobbies are another way of distancing oneself from the perpetual cycle of negative media. 

There’s also room for expression in hobbies. Artistic ones are easy to express creativity in, but other ones like reading, collecting things, and walking have room for expression. Collections can be arranged based on numerous factors; the collector can arrange their things as deemed fit to them. Walking requires planning where to go, who to go with (if anyone joins), what to bring, and what to do along the way. No walk is identical to another one for this reason, allowing for expression to occur with one’s choices. Reading may not directly allow one to express themselves, but it leaves ideas and suggestions to carry creative thought into other aspects of life. For example, a novel’s description of a sandy beach could inspire one to go out and observe a nearby beach for writing inspiration. What matters is the ability of choice within a hobby, meaning there’s room for expression. 

If you have a hobby already, you might realize how much it’s taught you about time management (hopefully)! For me, I plan out how much time I have each day to practice playing my guitar. I play about fifteen minutes a day, working on picking and fretting techniques for more songs in the future. I also schedule time for writing, so I can hone in on my craft without worrying about other assignments. It’s about balance, and it’s certainly not something easily accomplished overnight. Investing in a hobby is certainly worth doing, especially when life gets rough and you need a cathartic outlet.


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