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Escape reality with magician Trent James


Sometimes, we need a break from reality, and you know what? That’s okay! We’re all stressed, we’re all burned out, and we’re all not-so-patiently ready for this semester to be over. What better way to escape reality than with a magic show? This Friday, join MUB Board as they virtually welcome magician Trent James to Michigan Tech! 

If you’re like me, you might not be so easily convinced of magic. After all, we study science at Michigan Tech, and that academic field that has been putting magic out of business for its entire life. So, as MUB Board brings Trent James to campus (or to Zoom, actually) why should you even watch? 

We’ve seen magicians in the past on campus, and while some have wowed, some have flopped. James brings a fresh energy to his shows that is unparalleled to other magicians of similar nature. He brings audience members up for his tricks, creating a sense of engagement with viewers that make it a little more lively, even in a Zoom setting. 

James has won over twenty awards for his magic skills, including the renown Milbourne Christopher Award, of which he is the youngest ever winner. Other famous Milbourne Christopher winners include David Copperfield and Penn and Teller, undoubtedly some of the most famous modern magicians. 

Still not convinced that this is a good way to spend your Friday night? Take a look at some of James’s work here and see for yourself! 

To learn more about Trent James before his performance on Friday, you can visit his website or check out his social media accounts on Instagram and Facebook

If you wish to get in on the fun that is Trent James’s magic, register here to attend the virtual performance at 9 p.m. on Friday, April 9. For more information, please visit Involvement Link

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