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Kickflip into my heart

For years I have always associated myself and have been associated with the skaters wherever I go. I can ride a skateboard fine and I would even call myself moderately talented on the longboard given the sheer amount of times I have biffed it on one growing up. Even though I have spent plenty of time throughout my life on or around skateboards, the only place I can even attempt a kickflip is the video game Tony Hawk’s™ Pro Skater™ 1 and 2. Although the ever elusive kickflip is something that I may never fully end up learning, it is still a goal of mine to learn before I die.

Considering all the variables that come into play when performing a kickflip, it is no surprise that kickflipping has been such a far-off accomplishment. When trying your first kickflip, you need to consider your weight distribution, body posture, whether or not you’re comfortable enough with your board, and even how well you can ollie (side note: I’m really bad at doing an ollie and this is probably the biggest reason I can’t kickflip, but ignore that please.) Once you have all these variables and more down you still probably won’t be able to kickflip. 

Skateboarding is something that you can spend years upon years practicing and never see much progress. Meanwhile, twelve-year-old Kevin down the street is sponsored by Element and competing in the X-games in between recess and geometry. Some people are just born different and can do things you’ll never be able to do. You should keep trying though, and maybe if you feel that bad you can trip Kevin down at the skate park next time he cuts you off to do a 540 rodeo flip, considering that you’re 24 and probably stronger than him.

At this point you may be thinking, “Am I even a real skateboarder because I suck so much?” Of course you are, just because you’re moderately bad at something doesn’t mean you’re not still doing what you love. I may never be a Nyjah Huston or a Jaws (Aaron Homoki), but will I still have a good time going down to the skatepark and watching my friends and myself eat concrete on a daily basis? Of course I will. If you give up every time you’re bad at something then you’re always going to be bad and never grow.

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