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Tech presents comedian Tommy Ryman in the MUB Ballroom

When the weather is cold and the snow is blowing, and it seems like all you ever do is stay inside and do homework, you need a break. Attending a comedy show might just be the kind of break you are looking for! In a place like Houghton, there is not always an oppor- tunity to attend such shows. Fortunately for Michigan Tech students, the university will be hosting stand-up comedian and famous car- digan-wearer Tommy Ryman in his show on Saturday, March 2 at 10 p.m.

Self-described on his website as “the Matt Damon of comedy, if Matt Damon was 124 lbs and wore an eye patch as a child”, Ryman was a semifinalist on the NBC television show Last Comic Standing. A Minnesota native who has won the title “Best of the Midwest” at the com- edy festival Gilda’s LaughFest, his comedy style features sarcasm, satire, storytelling and pointing out the humor in everyday life.

Ryman’s work has been featured in a full- length comedy special on Dry Bar Com- edy and the comedian is a favorite amongst college students and corporate elites alike. Ryman has worked with the likes of comedians Nick Swardson, Hannibal Buress, Maria Bam- ford and Louie Anderson, and also has been featured on Nickelodeon’s NickMom Night Out.

His awkwardly adorable style of comedy is often described as absurd and clever while steering away from any off-color, or potentially offensive and vulgar humor. Given that he is a native Minnesotan, it’s only natural that he jokes about some of the things we have in the Midwest, like the lovely winter weather we’ve all grown used to. Instead of picking on others as a form of comedy, as many comedians do, Ryman instead pokes some fun at himself.

He makes light of things that we’ve all expe- rienced in our own lives, whether that’s slip- ping on ice and hurting ourselves or embrac- ing awkward situations at the grocery store. His light-hearted comedy acts are sure to make anyone laugh because of how relatable his stand-up style is, and the way that he delivers his monologues makes his jokes even funnier.

Ryman’s show will start at 10 p.m. in the MUB Ballroom on Saturday, March 2. It is recommended to attend early enough to en- sure a seat in the ballroom. Make sure to wear clothes you’re comfortable to laugh in because he’s bound to get some chuckles out of even the most serious of individuals!

For more information on the comedian and to see his other events, visit his website.

Note: This article ran Feb. 28, 2019

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