USG elections open

Mason Liagre, News Editor

The Undergraduate Student Government of MTU has opened voting for next year’s Executive Board and At- Large Representatives and encourages all students to participate. The poll can be found on

All of the candidates were asked four questions to provide voters with information about their ideas and qualifications. The questions were as follows:

1. Why are you running for this particular position?

2. What qualifies you for this position on USG?

3. What are your goals if elected to this position?

4. If you could meet anyone in history, who would it be and why?

The answers to these questions can be found in the poll, so that one may be fully informed before they cast their vote.

Executive Board, or E-Board, positions include the president, vice president, treasurer and secretary. The current holders of these respective positions are Max Sexauer, Jimmie Cannon Jr, Stephanie Celine Bois and Molly Niska.

The three individuals running for president are Mitch DeLong, Jacob Marchi, and Melanie Thomas. DeLong vows to “improve the opportunities available to students” if elected and suggests implementing a minimum time in between assigning and collecting an assignment. Marchi is running on a platform of “increase[d] transparency between students, organizations, and their representatives to encourage fiscal responsibility and equitable distribution of funds.” Thomas says, “If elected to this position, my main goal is to be an advocate for making students’ voices heard in decisions made here at Tech.”

Running unopposed for vice president, treasurer and secretary respectively are Zbigniew Bell, Leo Stelmaszek and Zachary Olson.

In an email sent to the general student body on the morning of Tuesday, February 26, USG secretary Molly Niska implored, “Do not allow this opportunity to help select your future leaders pass you by!” Elections are currently open and will close on Sunday, March 3 at 11 p.m.