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Husky Thoughts

Husky Thoughts Question: How do you feel about all this snow coming back after having such a warm winter?


Morgan Reamer, Fourth Year Biomedical Engineering Major from Brooklyn, Mich. “I do not mind it too much. I wish we could have had more of this snow during winter carnival, but I feel like we had it too easy and so it’s just kind of what we were owed, if that makes sense. I am looking forward to it being warm again though.”




Josh Gindt, Second Year Electrical and Computer Engineering Master’s Student from Jefferson, Wis. “I have mixed feelings about it. On one hand, I love the snow and actually having a more Houghton-like send off in my final year. However, it is annoying in that I have sort of shifted to a Spring/Summer feel just for it to be smacked down by winter again.”




Steven Maki, Third Year Software Engineering Major from Baraga, Mich. “Wasn’t a fan, I got used to the fact that I could easily walk around anywhere without needing to bundle up. With it getting cold again too, it has become a pain for me to deal with my hands constantly freezing anywhere I go.”

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