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ISA’s Holi celebration vibrantly paints MTU’s campus

On Mar. 25, the Celebration of Holi, Festival of Colors transformed the Michigan Technological University campus into a kaleidoscope of joy and cultural exploration. Organized by the Indian Student Association (ISA), the event was a resounding success, drawing in students, faculty, and community members for a celebration that transcended borders and embraced diversity.

The festivities kicked off at the MUB Ballroom with a vibrant lunch spread. Unlike the usual fare, this year’s food was something special. Curated by the ISA, the buffet presented a delectable tapestry of flavors from across India. From the creamy curries of the South to the aromatic tandoori specialties of the North, each dish was a meticulously chosen representation of a specific region’s culinary tradition. As attendees savored the diverse flavors, conversations flowed, fostering a sense of cultural exchange and appreciation.

This culinary journey was followed by a captivating musical performance by Saaz, an Indian music group hailing from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Their repertoire encompassed a wide range, embracing the richness of classical, folk, and contemporary Indian music. The melodious strains of the viola and guitar, fused with the rhythmic beats of the tabla, cajun, and piano transported the audience to a world steeped in cultural heritage. Saaz’s performance wasn’t just a spectacle; it was a celebration of cultural and musical diversity, showcasing the boundless creativity that defines Indian music.

ISA’s Holi celebration extended beyond the MUB Ballroom walls. In a truly groundbreaking move, they staged the first-ever flash mob on the MTU campus. On Mar. 23, students  in the Van Pelt and Opie Library experienced an electrifying dance performance. Students were suddenly dazzled by a display of eclectic dance moves. This surprise flash mob served as a playful prelude to the main event, reminding everyone that learning shouldn’t be confined to textbooks and can extend to embracing vibrant cultural expressions.

As the music performance at the MUB Ballroom concluded, the afternoon transitioned into an evening celebration. Despite the snowfall, students emerged from their dorms, ready to embrace the spirit of Holi. The final celebration saw the MTU campus transformed into a canvas of bright colors. Laughter filled the air as participants, clad in white attire, playfully smeared colored powder on each other. This act symbolized not just the triumph of good over evil, as traditionally celebrated during Holi, but also the start of new beginnings and a chance to forge stronger bonds within the MTU community.

The ISA Holi celebration transcended the stereotypical notion of a cultural event. It was a beautiful tapestry woven with delectable food, mesmerizing music, and a dash of playful surprise. More importantly, it served as a platform for cultural exchange and a celebration of diversity. ISA’s efforts successfully painted the MTU campus with the vibrant colors of spring, reminding everyone that joy and connection can be found in the most unexpected places– even amidst stacks of library books! The 2024 ISA Holi celebration set a high bar, proving that spring is indeed best welcomed with a riot of colors, melodies, and the spirit of togetherness.

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