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New vending machines installed on campus

Students on campus may have noticed a new addition to the campus’s vending machine inventory. These new machines, called Just Baked – Smart Bistros provide something different for students than your average vending machine. Instead of an inventory of potato chips and trail mix, they provide a menu of freshly baked meals or snacks. These machines store an inventory of frozen baked goods, ready to bake and serve upon ordering. 

As of now, these machines have been placed in Fisher Hall, and the DOW Building. If you install the Just Baked app on your phone, you are able to queue and prepay for an order. When ordering, the app will also give you a time window in which you must pick up your order. This app is free on both Android and iOS app stores. 

These vending machines provide an alternate food service that is convenient for students and easy to use. If you are busy with back-to-back classes or are pressed for time, these give you an alternative choice for food on the go, saving money that would otherwise be spent on delivery fees, or the time it would take to go pick up food elsewhere. Instead of having to run to the MUB or a dining hall to get a meal, these provide an option in the lecture halls themselves. 

According to the Just Baked company website, their machines currently offer around ten different baked goods. While Michigan Tech hosts these machines, the producer will regularly stock them with the requested foods. A few such foods include pizza calzones, breakfast sandwiches, and White Castle Sliders. According to their app, each location offers a different selection of foods. The app also shows the pricing of each item, which is around $6 to $10. There is little information at this time on future plans or further additions to the menu. 

For more information on these new machines, visit If you’re interested in trying them out, download the app and make an order, or just go directly to one of the current locations on campus.

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