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Michigan Tech campus construction continues

As students return for the spring semester, they may notice some changes to campus. Michigan Tech has been undergoing many construction projects of varying scales over the past few semesters. The latest being the Alumni Way Gateway, completed late December, 2023. Here are a few construction projects students should be aware of:

One of the most impactful projects continuing from 2023 is construction of the H-STEM building in the middle of campus. As students left for winter break, the outer sidewalk was getting its final touches while internal workers were installing ceilings, finishing floors, and attaching doors. Michigan Tech gave a status update on their construction webpage, stating, “installation of furniture, testing of the HVAC and electrical systems, and installation of audio visual systems will all take place in January. Building occupancy will begin in February.” When completed, the H-STEM building will house research space for chemistry, biology, biomedical engineering, and kinesiology departments.

Students’ first sight when returning to campus may have been the new dorm being constructed on the east side of campus. The dorm is slated to be finished in the 2025 fall season and will house 516 students. This new building differs from current housing options on campus with updated student accommodation standards, including but not limited to one bathroom per living unit, building wide air conditioning, a built-in convenience store, and music studio. 

Passed in October of 2022, the “Campus Master Plan” details various major upcoming construction projects planned by the University. While no new major building plans have been set in motion yet, it is important to stay informed on the current and future campus developments. Students can find the “Campus Master Plan” at Students can also see a list of pending construction bids at

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