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Anatomy of Gray presented by Michigan Tech Theatre

From Nov. 14 through Nov. 17, The Michigan Tech Theatre put on a production of Anatomy of Gray, directed by the head of Theatre and Electronic Media Performance, Patricia Helsel. The performance was shown in the Walker Building’s McArdle Theatre and was put on with a small, nine-person cast. The show told the story of a doctor by the name of Galen P. Gray after he crashes his balloon following a storm near the small town of Gray, Indiana. This coincides with June Muldoon’s wishes for the town to have a healer to help no one suffer again. The story shows the characters grow accustomed to the changes made by the doctor until they are suddenly stricken by a mysterious disease that even he is unable to help with. 

Director Patricia Helsel was able to share a few thoughts after Friday showing. “What is special about this is that it is timely. It’s a piece about a community that is divided over how something like a pandemic is treated in a community that has very strong beliefs and values.” Before the show’s opening night, Spencer Drow, who played Galen Gray, said, “I have really enjoyed working on this show. Working so closely with the cast, and being on stage together so much has really let not just the actors, but the characters form relationships with each other that the audience can see.” This is the last performance planned by Michigan Tech Theatre for the year, but if you want to find out more about performances in the future, you can visit their website at

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