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Students bring Trombone Choir to Rozsa

Students brought a lively trombone choir to the Rozsa lobby on the evening of Thursday, April 6. The choir was composed of eight performers, six of which being Michigan Tech students. Heading the group was current Michigan Tech Director of Bands, Mike Christianson. He was accompanied by his daughter, who made the eighth member of the ensemble. The trombone choir is somewhat of a tradition, having occurred most years since Christianson took the position as Director of Bands. 

The student performers ranged from first-year to fourth-year students, all involved with different bands across campus, from the Superior Wind Symphony, to the Campus Concert Band, to the Huskies Pep Band. 

The ensemble performed a selection of pieces, both slow and fast, each highlighting a different student in the group, playing to the strengths of each performer. 

Prominently featured was the composer Amy Beach, who was showcased in several pieces that the group played.  Beach is cited as the first successful American female composer of large-scale music, though she is often lost to time and overshadowed by other composers. The choir performed several of her chorale pieces, including “With Prayer and Supplication” and “Peace I Leave With You.” 

In addition to Beach’s work, the group played a faster-paced piece titled “Foghorn Leghorn” by composer Michael Davis. Also featured was a piece called “Slicky Slide Swing” by Ulrich Nehls. Additionally, the ensemble played a Bach concerto. 

Christianson rounded out the concert by thanking the audience and offering the parting words, “We don’t know anything else, and our faces hurt, so see you later.”

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