USG Swears in New Members

Sarah Kass

On Wednesday, March 29, USG held their weekly meeting; during this meeting the new members were sworn in and then given a brief overview of possible committees to serve on. There were also two votes to do with financial means taken along with new business introduced. 

After a roll call and pictures of both the current and the former bodies, a representative from the Campus 

Vote Project spoke about how MTU has officially been deemed a “voter friendly campus” . After the public comment, officer reports were given. President Cheyenne Scott announced that Dr. Andrew Storer, who was the interim Provost, is now the full-time Provost.

 Treasurer Emily Ruf gave updates on the current amount of money in each of the funds, along with a reminder to submit any requests for any orgs that members are a part of to be reimbursed. 

Secretary Isobel Bowker gave election results. Advisor Danielle Meirow introduced herself and explained her role as advisor. She also shared about upcoming events, as well the fact the Broomball is hiring paid positions for committee chairs. 

Kellie Raffaelli also introduced herself as the Assistant Dean of Students who is stepping in to also help advise USG. 

Once reports were completed, the current chairs of all committees gave descriptions of their committees to explain the options that the new members had when choosing what committee they wanted to join. 

Some of these committees are judiciary, which handle investigations of the body should one need to occur, public relations, which handles outward appearances of USG including social media, and Ways and Means, which is the financial committee. 

When explaining why new members should be interested in Ways and Means, Ruf stated that “it is great to meet people in RSOs and to learn about the budgetary process.” 

After the committees were explained, liaison reports were given, such as to IFC and Panhellenic. Then unfinished business was finished, including a vote to approve the SBG budget recommendations, which passed. 

There was then a vote to approve $1150 to Engineers Without Borders, which also passed. 

After the old business was completed, the new business was begun. The largest part of this new business was the swearing in of the new president Mason Krause, and the new members of the body. After the swearing in, there was the appointment of member Rish Rao as a 4th year rep, as well as the appointment of Cheyenne Scott to President Emerita. Both these appointments were approved. 

Finally there were three recommendations made by WaM, one for $2450 to Keweenaw Youth for Climate Action for Earth Week events, one for of $2528 to Paintball Club for the first College Paintball Players League game in Florida, and one for of $103 to Theme Park Engineering Group for a Cotton Candy Machine Lid. 

Once these recommendations were introduced, the floor was opened for discussion and any announcements, subsequently the meeting was adjourned.