USG End of Year Business

Caleb Roth

As the semester comes to a close, the Undergraduate Student Government has begun to elect members for next year, along with potential future offerings for courses and majors. On Tuesday March 22nd, USG members announced that elections were closing the following Sunday, and encouraged the body to vote. 

During the meeting, current chair members spent time describing the roles of their committees to future members. Members continued to discuss a plethora of events that would be going on during the following week. Also, advisor Danielle Meirow spoke about how the advising of the USG would be handled following Dr. Southerland transition. ”Laura (Bulleit) is fantastic, but it is a lot to take on, so her and Kellie are splitting responsibilities, Kellie will be supporting USG above and beyond me.” 

Senate liaison Mason Krause informed the body of the latest university senate meeting. The senate voted to support a Nursing Program using faculty from Finlandia, and the program will hopefully be operational by Fall 2023. There are also revisions for GenEd that will be voted on soon, and if they pass will take effect sometime in 2025 for the incoming class. Additionally, a Bachelor’s of Data Science is being considered under the College of Computing, and will be voted on in their next meeting.