Michigan Tech Esports shows promising results this season

Giancarlo Maue

Michigan Tech’s Esports program has had a great season this year. This week has been important for several of the teams. 

The CS:GO (Counter Strike: Global Offensive) team is one of the teams that has been dominating their competition. Currently boasting an impressive 5-0 record, they are now competing for the championship of their conference. Their strong performance this season has been shown through their record. 

The Super Smash Brothers Ultimate team is participating in a play-in for a spot in the playoffs. With a record of five wins and one loss in their regular season, the team is hopeful that they can secure a spot in the national playoff tournament. However, Calvin Larson, the assistant athletic director of Michigan Tech, stated that the next play-in matches are “subject to potential rescheduling.” 

The Rocket League team has qualified for the Collegiate Rocket League World Tournament. They have been performing exceptionally well throughout the season, and their hard work has paid off with this opportunity to compete on the world stage while representing Michigan Tech. They ended their season with an amazing 7-0 record. 

Both Valorant and Overwatch 2 had their seasons cut short, failing to qualify for the NACE playoffs. Although they fought hard throughout the season, it was not enough to secure a spot in the playoffs. The Valorant team had a record of 3-4 and the Overwatch team had a record of 2-5. Despite this setback, both teams are determined to come back stronger next season. 

Overall, Michigan Tech’s Esports program has had its ups and downs this week. The program is sure to continue making waves in the world of Esports. The Esports program advises fans to “make sure to follow MTU Esports on Twitter and Twitch to never miss an update”.