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The Plant & Gardening Club hosts first Hoya Workshop

The Plant & Gardening Club welcomed more than 60 students to the Bubble Greenhouse on Campus last week for a Hoya Workshop. The workshop was open to students on March 16, 18 or 19 from 5 to 7 p.m.  Each attendee received their own 4” Hoya plant and a terra cotta pot. The Plant & Gardening Club helped students re-pot their plants, clear them of possible pests, and learn basic Hoya care instructions. 

Sam Callaway, president of the Plant & Gardening club was excited about the event’s turnout. Callaway said “We sold a total of +80 plants prior to the workshops, which was so much more than we thought,” Callaway continued “With winters so long and schedules so busy, everybody in our club wants to find ways to make it easier for students to enjoy the greenery and relax. That’s what we’re about, taking a deep breath, reconnecting with nature when our outside environment is sleeping, and fostering a stronger community!”

The Plant and Gardening Club is new to Tech’s campus, officially starting in October 2023. Despite this being the first year of operation, the group has many plans. March 24, the Plant & Gardening Club is hosting a showing of Princess Mononoke in the CFRES building. 

They are also planning a “plant-a-starter” event that will be held in the CFRES and Library. This event would allow students to help plant seeds in the Wads Veggie Garden. Callaway also said that “In the future, we hope to hold monthly ‘Free Plant Fridays’ where students can give away or trade extra plants or cuttings they would like to offload. The coming fall semester we plan to do a ‘fall feast’, canning and pickling workshops, and collaborating with other clubs in the Wadsworth garden, along with hosting some small space gardening events.” 

Callaway explained that the Plant & Gardening club is open to all majors, “even if that person feels they have a black thumb”. The club meets bi-weekly, on Thursdays at 5 p.m. inside the Bubble Greenhouse. To learn more, scan the QR code posted on the front of the Bubble Greenhouse door, join the Plant & Gardening Club on MTU Involvement Link or check out the MTU club Discord.

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