Enterprise Day at Michigan Tech

Jhenna Gamache

Thursday, Feb 16 in the MUB Ballroom the Enterprise Program hosted an event called Enterprise Day; from 6 to 8 pm Enterprise teams showcased their work and talked with prospective enterprise students. 

By 7 pm the room was filled with both Enterprise teams and prospective Enterprise students. During this event, prospective Enterprise students had the opportunity to ask program staff any questions they might have about the Enterprise program. Additionally, students could move between the different tables and talk to team members of the various Enterprise teams. For these teams, Enterprise Day is a great opportunity to recruit students to join. 

Enterprise teams provide students the opportunity to to work on real projects with guidance from advisors with valuable experience. Tom Flaherty, a second-year Computer Engineering student representing Supermileage Systems Enterprise, was at the event talking to students about the team and answering any questions they might have. When asked why he thought it was important that students join an Enterprise he said “[Enterprise] gives a lot of applicable experience that you cannot necessarily get from your classes” he continued to say “I have learned more in my semester and a half of enterprise than I have in any of my classes so far.” 

Additional information about Michigan Tech’s Enterprise teams can be found at www.mtu.edu/enterprise.