Hair care for all

Lila M. Johnson

Michigan Tech’s Center for Diversity and Inclusion (CDI) is now offering an on-campus pop-up barber service for all hair types and textures. This is in response to students feeling like they have no appropriate service options near campus. 

Students were traveling to Marquette to get their hair looked after because of the limited barbershop options in Houghton and the surrounding area. Many students didn’t have the time or money to travel, and voiced their concerns with the CDI. Christopher Sanders, the Assistant Director of the CDI, knew that something had to be done for all students looking for hair care. 

“We decided to bring the barbershop to them,” Sanders said. 

Manny Hernandez is the owner of The Good Life Hair Studios in Marquette. He will be traveling to Houghton to do the on-campus cutting and styling. Hernandez will provide several types of professional quality haircut options for Tech students. These choices are just a fraction of the options at The Good Life Hair Studios, but it’s just right for students looking for a haircut in Houghton. 

“Barbershop services include haircuts, beard trimming, and eyebrow trimming,” Sanders said. 

Haircuts serve several purposes outside of hygiene. They allow people to feel like themselves and express themselves outside of the limitations clothing can provide. Without this service in Houghton students can feel ostracized and out of place. 

“The Campus Barbershop…boosts student self-esteem and a sense of belonging,” Sanders said. 

Hernandez will be coming to campus twice monthly throughout the academic year. Dates and registration can be found on the CDI’s homepage on the Michigan Tech website.