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Stuff a Husky event

The MUB Board is once again running the Stuff a Husky event on  Feb. 13 at 6 p.m. in the MUB commons. 

Each year students line up for hours before this event to get the opportunity to grab and stuff a stuffed animal of their choice provided by MUB Board. This year, there are 5 options for students to choose from. Goats, giraffes, dragons, leopards, and of course huskies are all possible friends for students to take home. Students pick up the outside of the animal and stuffing and are able to sit with friends in the MUB to put it together. This event is popular for all students no matter the year. The event promotes school spirit, pride, and camaraderie among all the students who sit and wait for their new friends. 

As always, supplies are first come, first serve. When asked about the limited stock, the MUB Board Committee Chair explains “We do have a budget for this event and each year we do our best to get as many animals as possible.” Due to this limited stock students waiting will often line up 2 to 3 hours before the event to try and get their first choice of animal. 

The long wait gives students time to work on homework, do something creative, or just spend time with the friends they’re waiting with. This annual event is looked forward to by many students and is always a joy to go to.

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