As the Dean

Dear Huskies,

I think it’s safe to say that embracing the winters is almost a requirement at Michigan Tech. But I also recognize that some may struggle with what sometimes feels like unforgiving and brutally cold temperatures that blanket the Upper Peninsula. Growing up in Washington, D.C., going to college in Connecticut, and living in Illinois, I’ve become quite accustomed to cold weather. But there is something unique about the cold in the UP, so below are some tips for the cold weather.


  1. Plan well. Pay attention to weather forecasts but take them with a big grain of salt because, it seems, that no one really knows how frigid the weather will be until it happens. Make sure you have a reliable weather app. If you travel to remote areas, make sure you have an emergency communication plan so we can find you if you get lost.
  2. Eat and drink well. To maintain good energy and nutritional health, it’s important to stay hydrated and healthy. Make sure you have healthy and hot meals and drinks daily. Keep healthy snacks with you to nibble on throughout the day. If you’re not eating and drinking well, you will not have the energy to enjoy the plethora of winter activities available to you.
  3. Dress well. I remember being told by an alum when I moved here that “there is no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing.” Get your gear straight from head-to-toe: warm hat, warm earmuffs, scarf, proper coats and jackets, proper pants (joggers and leggings don’t really count but they look cool), thick socks, and appropriate shoes or boots. You can avoid hypothermia and, possibly, colds and flus by dressing well for cold weather.
  4. Play well. The beauty of winters in the UP is that you can visit ice caves, climb walls of ice, ski slopes, ice fish, snowmobile, play broomball, play hockey, and so on. But choose activities that may be challenging but not excessively dangerous.
  5. Be well. Cold weather can be dangerous to those with some pre-existing health conditions. Make sure your physician clears you for potentially dangerous winter activities. Be sure to manage your medications as well.


Cold weather can be dangerous, so it’s important that you Husky UP and stay safe and warm out there.


Kindest regards,

Dr. S.

VP and Dean of Huskies

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