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Ask the Dean

Dear Huskies,

This is a tough one. I’ve never really thought about my favorite time of day. But I would have to say that “evening time” is my favorite time of day for a few reasons.

Firstly, and the most important reason, is that evening time is my time, and it belongs to me for the most part. Daytime is pretty much devoted to Michigan Tech and the state of Michigan since I am a state employee. During the day, I am focused on putting in a productive, honest, and honorable workday working on projects and initiatives and attending a plethora of meetings – all devoted to improving the student experience and student success.

Secondly, evening time allows me to do what I enjoy: seeing a movie, going out to dinner, “hanging out” with students at student events, catching a performance at the Rozsa, spending time with friends, or relaxing with family. Once evening time comes, I am not as “on edge” or as restricted with my time so I can branch out and have different experiences that bring me joy.

Thirdly, evening time allows me to catch-up on binge-watching a favorite show if I want to. Recently, for example, I have been binge-watching the classic “Law and Order” series and the “Chopped” and “Beat Bobby Flay” cooking shows. I just finished binge-watching “Jack Ryan” and started “The Hunters II.” I can even catch-up on some news if I want something more serious.

Fourthly, evening time is also a good time to take care of personal matters such as working out (I need to get back on top of this!), sorting mail (which is piling up), paying bills (which is frustrating), or experimenting with a new healthy recipe. During the summertime, I take longer brisk walks to enjoy the Houghton waterfront and maintain heart-health.

In closing, whatever your favorite time of day is, just “HuskyUP!” and make it count. Find and do joy in this Year of Kindness at Michigan Tech.


Kindest regards,

Dr. S.

The VP and Dean of Huskies

HuskyUP! All day. Every day.©

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