Ask the Dean


Dr. Wallace Southerland III

Q: “If you could go anywhere on vacation, real or fictional, where would you go and why?”


There are a few places in the world I’d love to visit. In high school, I participated on a trip to Europe. I got the chance to visit London, England (awesome); Paris, France (cool); and Rome, Italy (amazing). I remember having to sell M&M’s or something like that to help raise money for the trip. Because my family could not afford to pay for such a trip and all the M&M’s in the world wouldn’t be enough, I was so blessed and fortunate to have a high school teacher and mentor, Emily Washington, pay some of the costs. I hope we have high school teachers today who would show such kindness to their students. Yes, I still keep in touch with Mrs. Washington.




Because of my high school experience and limited financial means, I developed an appreciation for study abroad experiences. At Michigan Tech, I hope to raise enough scholarships so that students like me can travel abroad. I also fully encourage and support my college sophomore daughter travelling abroad since COVID stole her high school abroad experience to Paris. Because of God’s blessings, she gets to go to Kenya, Africa this December!




But fast forward to today. I really want to visit Ghana, Africa. I want to visit the Cape Coast Castle specifically. The castle is “a former slave-trade outpost” and “is home to the so-called ‘Door of No Return,’ through which millions of Africans were forced onto slave ships bound for the United States.” Such a visit would provide a spiritual connection to my probable ancestors. I want to get a tiny sense of what it must have felt like to walk through that castle’s doorway. I want to walk on the hallowed grounds and touch the sacred walls that enshrine the tears, pain, hopes, and anguish of my ancestors. I want to experience a part of America’s history that started there.




In closing, I encourage as many Huskies as possible to explore study abroad opportunities before graduating. We need for you to see the world that you are expected to improve. So HuskyUP and pursue your travel dreams.




Dr. S.


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