Tips to get home for the holidays

Laurel Schmidt

As the end of the semester draws nearer, Michigan Tech students look towards going home for the holidays. According to Michigan Tech’s website, students live an average of eight to ten hours away from home. Whether you have a car and need to split the cost of travel, or you are looking elsewhere for a ride home, here are some tips for getting back to your family. 

Every year, USG sponsors both Thanksgiving and Winter Break buses that travel downstate to Lansing. While the ticket sale for the Thanksgiving buses is now closed, tickets for the Winter Break buses go on sale on Nov. 14. The Winter Break buses will depart the MUB on Dec. 17 and arrive back on campus on Jan. 8. While there is currently not a bus that travels west into Wisconsin, the Student Affairs committee is looking into this option for future semesters. 

If driving home is your preferred method of transport, there are a couple of different options to share the cost or get a ride. If you preside in the dorms, leaving a message on your white board can be a promising start. The Michigan Tech reddit page currently has a thread for finding and giving rides home for break. The Michigan Tech Parents Group on Facebook also has posts 

offering information about those offering or looking for rides. This group is also a good place to post if you have car troubles on your way home and are looking for assistance. 

Another option to get home is to take a plane. The Houghton County Memorial Airport has approximately two flights a day to Chicago, where you can get a connecting flight to other parts of the country if needed. This is a popular option for those who do not have a car or live out of driving distance from Michigan Tech. To get to the airport, which is located across the bridge in Hancock, you can call a taxi from Copper Country Limo & Taxi service. They are endorsed by the airport and operate from 5:30 a.m. through 5:30pm every day of the week.