Ask the Dean


Q:  “What are some of your favorite ways to enjoy the area outside of the MTU campus?”

Well, after nearly 16 months, I’m still learning all the different attractions to enjoy outside of the MTU campus. I’ve enjoyed the following, for example:




  1.     Farmers’ Markets. Supporting local farmers and residents is important to me. Throughout the summer and early fall, I would visit the Houghton and L’Anse Farmers’ markets. My favorite items were kale, grapefruits, lemons, oranges, concord grapes, fresh garlic (delicious!), black currants, pure maple syrup (got bottles of this stuff!), and my guilty pleasure item — the homemade cinnamon roll.


  1.     Rogers Cinema. I am a big movie person! One criterion that was on my research of the area when I was interviewing for the position was if it had a movie theater. Check. I don’t get to go as often as I want, and I sometimes miss movies because they only last for what feels like a couple days (LOL!). I still have not seen Black Adam yet because of my schedule (SMH).


  1.     The Waterfront. I really enjoy walking the waterfront. I usually walk from downtown all the way past Chutes and Ladders, turn around, and head back. I find a great deal of peace and calm walking along the water and just enjoying God’s landscape.


  1.     Appleton, WI! The big city (LOL!).


  1.     Copper Harbor.


  1.     Fitzgerald’s waterfront restaurant.




I know there’s so much more to see and visit in the area, and I want to explore those areas. I get a lot of inspiration and ideas on Insta from all the fun students seem to be having outside Tech.  I welcome ideas Huskies may have for places to visit. In fact, an alum, Jess Turuc, suggested that students send me ideas for a “UP Bucket List.” Hey, I’m game.




HuskyUP. All day. Every day. Awoooo!




Dr. S.