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Michigan Tech Huskies cinch win 35-34 over Wayne State Warriors

On Saturday, Oct. 8. The Michigan Tech Huskies football team went up against the Wayne State Warriors for the Homecoming 2022 game.


The Huskies won in an extremely close game, leading the Warriors by one point in a 35-34 victory. The Huskies had been on a four game losing streak, breaking it this last Saturday, making them 2-4 for the season so far. However, this win was witnessed by a large crowd in the stadium, as it was the Homecoming game as well as parent’s weekend, meaning there was quite the audience to see the Huskies pull ahead. 


Within the first minute of play, the Huskies had scored a touchdown, setting the tone for a very fast paced game to come. Within the rest of the first quarter, Wayne State had returned with a touchdown of their own. By halftime, the Huskies were down 14-17. Nearing the end of the fourth quarter, the Huskies are down 28-34, but with 21 seconds left, the Huskies managed to run through the Warrior’s defense and score a touchdown. Wyble then was able to secure the extra point, putting the Huskies in the lead with barely any time for the Warriors to drive. 


Head Coach Steve Olson said after the game “we’re trying to work hard to produce the kind of people and the type of program we want.” The student athletes know that “if we work hard and we get better, we’re gonna have opportunities to be successful here.” 


The whole team felt the energy of a much needed victory after the Warriors fumbled in the fourth quarter, opening up the opportunity to win the game. “We were all just excited and knew” said wide receiver Darius Willis in a post game interview. “We had a chance to win that game…turns out the clock just winded down and we were all celebrating for the win.” 


Coming up next week, the Huskies will face off against their rivals, the Northern Michigan Wildcats (3-3) at home to fight over  the Miner’s Cup. Coach Olson says on the matter “that’ll be a big game and that’ll be an emotional game. They’ll be ready to play”. He  had no further comments on the upcoming game on Saturday, Oct. 15. The Wildcats are coming off of a loss against Davenport. More information about the game can be found on the Michigan TecHuskies sports website.

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