MTU Homecoming offers fun and excitement for all


Cardboard boats in a race on the Portage. Photograph and colorization by Tim Peters.

Eric Goulet

Huskies are wrapping up an eventful weekend following the end of Michigan Tech’s 2022 Homecoming Week. 

Events this weekend were kicked off with the annual cardboard boat races, hosted on Friday, Oct. 7 at the Waterfront Park in downtown Houghton. For this event, each team faced off against two other teams in their homemade boats, consisting of only cardboard and duct tape. The winner of the race is determined by whichever team can launch their boat with all 8 occupants, row it around a buoy, and return it to shore without sinking. The overall winner of each class is determined by the fastest time.

There were three classes of race this year, with the Sigma Tau Gamma house taking first place in the class A races, the Alpha Sigma Tau house taking first place in the class B races, and the Delta Phi Epsilon and Phi Kappa Tau houses taking first place in the class C races. 

The Beta Sigma Theta team came in a close second to Sigma Tau Gamma in the class A races, with a difference of just one second. Alex Beecham, the one in charge of planning the Beta Sigma Theta boat, shared his thoughts “I don’t really know how we got second. We modeled our boat after the one we had last year since it worked well for us, but just made a couple of improvements. I guess it just worked out.” 

Starting Saturday morning, preparations for this year’s homecoming football game began, starting with cornhole games and the homecoming tailgate in Lot 24 at 10 a.m. and 11 a.m., respectively. The homecoming football game began at 1 p.m. against Wayne State University, and marked 100 years of Michigan Tech Football. ”. This year’s homecoming royalty were also crowned during half-time of the football game, with Jake McDowell being crowned homecoming king and Maddy Reitz being crowned homecoming queen. 

Overall, this year’s homecoming week was an exciting time for all Michigan Tech Students, and a great way to transition into the coming winter season. For more information on homecoming week, as well as the homecoming football game, visit the Traditions and Events section of the Student Leadership and Involvement page on the MTU website.