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MTU 2023-24 Academic Calendar Recap

The Undergraduate Student Government and Senate had their respective meetings on Sept. 28. The 2023-24 Academic Calendar was the main point of discussion for both bodies. 

The 2023 to 2024 Academic Calendar became the main point of discussion for the governing bodies at Tech. The USG took a 20-minute recess to address the Senate’s proposed removal of the fall break. The USG based their support for the fall break on the premise of the student majority supporting it and competitor schools having one. The Senate acknowledged the student body and USG but responded with a plea to compromise on the calendar. The Senate also cited the failings of general procedure which led to the potential passing of Proposal 50-22 “Proposal to Create an ‘October Recess’” on April 20, 2022. Campus Administration never approved nor disapproved of Proposal 50-22, leaving it inoperable currently.

Compromises were discussed among Senate members, veering toward an academic schedule discussion. Professors voiced concerns for final exams and class schedules. The math department specifically cited difficulties in scheduling half-semester courses available exam days. K-Day was discussed as possibly being moved from its traditional Friday to Saturday. Student Leadership and Involvement rebutted this idea, explaining that essential paid staff can’t work on Saturdays. 

Mathematics Professor, Jason Gregerson, offered a scrutinizing voice to the confused preceding. Dr. Gregerson brought up the Senate’s inability to follow procedure and account for academic disruptions from introducing a fall break. “You can’t pass a proposal that contradicts…. The Senate’s Procedure.” Dr. Gregerson was against the idea of introducing a fall break for the 2023 school year. 

The Senate ultimately passed Proposal 37-22 “2023-24 Academic Calendar and Provisional Calendar for 2024-25”, excluding the fall break. However, a last minute amendment 37-22A, included a fall break for the 2024 school year. Fourth Year Representative Ethan Gerds made this comment afterwards “We need to keep fighting and make sure that faculty are held accountable”.

The original spring provisional 2023-24 Academic Calendar ended fall semester on December 22, 2023. Members within the Senate argued for moving back the end date due to exam grading being close to the holidays. Commencement also proved to be an issue with the proposed schedule forcing students to attend Mid-Year Commencement before the final exam period. This original provisional did not reflect future changes passed by the Senate. 


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