PSR Kickoff Sweeps Michigan Tech

Grace Parsekian

Partially Structured Recruitment, or PSR, kicked off on Friday, Sept. 16, with many students signing up to meet the different sororities and explore their options. 


PSR gives students an opportunity to meet each sorority for 30 minutes during the first two days to get an idea of who they get along with best. Following the weekend, students narrow down their options and get a chance to be invited personally to their favorite sororities’ houses to spend some more time with them. To end the week, students choose their favorite one or two sororities for Preference, visiting these sororities’ houses again to get more information before making a final decision. Bid Night follows Preference, and participants get to join the sorority that they’ve chosen!


If you missed PSR this year, don’t worry, it’s not too late to get involved! Many sororities will be hosting rushes throughout the week following PSR, so you’ll have plenty of time to get involved and get to know people. You can keep an eye out for posters on campus with additional information, or you could email Sorority Life directly at [email protected]. You can check out more information about the different sororities on Michigan Tech’s Fraternity & Sorority Life page.