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Editors’ note: Graduation

For many of our members, this is our last Lode issue. We have all worked very hard to bring equitable and honest news and to keep our organization afloat. I couldn’t have managed The Lode without the help of our amazing staff. Those who are graduating are Maia Barnhart, Madison Degnitz, Tucker Nielsen, and Ranit Karmakar. I am glad to have gotten to know these amazing individuals while in The Lode and their hard work is much appreciated. The student newspaper will be in great hands when I leave: Rachel Dick, the future Editor in Chief and current managing editor, has helped me with many tasks; the paper gets better everyday with her around. I am especially grateful to our Advisor, Professor Seigel, who gave us some much needed guidance to steer us in the right direction.


Next week, we will publish The Lewd: the end of semester joke issue where we choose a theme and write silly articles. The theme for it is Dean Tabloid. Please look forward to this wonderfully entertaining special edition!

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