Editors’ note: Graduation


Cat Madish, Editor in Chief

For many of our members, this is our last Lode issue. We have all worked very hard to bring equitable and honest news and to keep our organization afloat. I couldn’t have managed The Lode without the help of our amazing staff. Those who are graduating are Maia Barnhart, Madison Degnitz, Tucker Nielsen, and Ranit Karmakar. I am glad to have gotten to know these amazing individuals while in The Lode and their hard work is much appreciated. The student newspaper will be in great hands when I leave: Rachel Dick, the future Editor in Chief and current managing editor, has helped me with many tasks; the paper gets better everyday with her around. I am especially grateful to our Advisor, Professor Seigel, who gave us some much needed guidance to steer us in the right direction.


Next week, we will publish The Lewd: the end of semester joke issue where we choose a theme and write silly articles. The theme for it is Dean Tabloid. Please look forward to this wonderfully entertaining special edition!