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Husky Thoughts: Spring has arrived (maybe)

While this week saw a closure at Tech due to a winter storm, last week saw warm weather and sunshine. To celebrate this glimpse into spring, we went around campus to ask students: “How did you enjoy last week’s warm weather?” Here is what they had to say:


“I got to sit on the KBC deck and enjoy lunch on the porch in the sun.”







—Kira Millhausen, fifth-year Chemical Engineering student



“I got to open the windows, enjoy the sunshine, and work on my truck.”








—Hannah Peterson, fourth-year Chemical Engineering student



“Stuck inside with Mathematica bullshit, but got outside eventually and just sat and enjoyed the weather.”







—Andrew Quillan, second-year Mechanical Engineering student



“Went for a drive around the Copper Country and enjoyed the sun by sitting on the lawn. Also got to visit my family downstate.”

—Luke Tennes, second-year Construction Management student



“I played ultimate frisbee at the football field on both Saturday and Sunday.”






—Ethan Gerds, fourth-year Social Sciences student

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