Husky thoughts: Winter Carnival excitement


Rachel Dick, Managing Editor

Anticipation is building with the 100th Winter Carnival just around the corner. We’re preparing  our special edition celebrating this monumental occasion next week, but for now, we asked students: “What are you looking forward to for Winter Carnival?” Here is what they had to say:


“Looking at finished snow statues, time off from classes, broomball games, and skill competition.”














—Karl Nuler, 4th-year Biomedical Engineering student


“Seeing the ice statues and watching the hockey game.”














—Bailey Papes, Environmental Engineering Graduate student


“Since I am graduating I am trying to play as much broomball as possible, the Carni events, Neon Skate Night, and live band Karaoke.” 














—Collin Bannister, 5th-year Electrical Engineering student


“Time off class.”














—Ethan Betzoldt, 1st-year Computer Science student


“I am looking forward to the ice sculptures actually being in full swing and the playoffs for broomball.”














—Cheyenne Scott, 3rd-year Biomedical Engineering and Social Science student



“I am always looking forward to seeing the unique snow statues that organizations/teams bring to campus. It is wonderful to see how people think outside of the box to create a statue that especially plays onto this year’s theme.”














—Ian Lawrie, 4th-year Software Engineering student