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ROTC racing to finish month-long sculpture by Winter Carnival

Previous features covered sculptures by Greek Life organizations on campus. This week, the Army Reserve Officer Training Corps will get their spotlight! Founded in 1917, the Army Reserve Officer Training Corps has been involved with campus activities, stemming back to the first winter carnival. Like many years before, AROTC students are building a carnival-themed structure in front of the “ROTC House.” 

Last year’s festival saw the co-ed organization create Snoopy, from the comic strip Peanuts, being chased by the Red Baron. It was a technical feat to construct with each plane’s details, from the wooden planks of the doghouse plane to the wing struts and German Cross of the Red Baron’s. The men’s team built a Krusty Krab battleship from Spongebob Squarepants. It was also a detailed model with rigging and cannons. The co-ed team won second place in their division, while the men’s team won fifth in the men’s division. 

Month-long teams have less than two weeks before the festivities start Feb. 9. In addition to the month-long sculptures, some organizations will also work on “All-Nighter” statues. More information on all sculptures and Winter Carnival events can be found in our upcoming special issue!

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