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Hancock City Council

The Hancock City Council met on Jan. 19 for the first meeting of 2022.

As the city moves along on the proposed zoning ordinance, a public comment hearing has been scheduled for Feb. 7 at 6:00 p.m. in the Council Chambers. Following any public-induced changes, the new zoning ordinance will be reviewable Feb. 16 by council members and the public for further discussion at following council meetings.

The council passed a motion to apply for a Portage Health Foundation grant in the amount of $20,000 for the construction of 4 new pickleball courts at the Laurn Grove park in addition to the tennis court, which will also be repaired for root damage.

Further in park development, the council passed a motion to construct a gazebo at Klondike Park, to be built by the Hancock Industrial Arts class. The council approved costs up to $6,000, and suggested that the somewhat barren park would in future see similar improvements. Councilman John Haeussler mentioned that if it wasn’t for the gazebo, “we [would] need to do something” at Klondike.

The council also approved the updating of the security camera system at City Hall, and they suggested that such cameras may be installed in high-traffic areas like Porvoo Park if the implementation is successful.

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