Snowy towers dominate campus and surrounding cities


Tucker Nielsen

Delta Sigma Phi’s sculpture is located to the west of Wadsworth Hall, where scaffolding and towering snow blocks dominate the landscape.

Tucker Nielsen, Lode Writer

As January continues, more snow sculptures are popping up across campus, as well as in Houghton and Hancock. Some of these month-long sculptures are massive in their layout, depending on scaffolding and large teams to coordinate construction. 

This week’s month-long snow sculpture is Delta Sigma Phi, a fraternity located near Wadsworth Hall. The sculpture’s theme remains top secret for now, according to the members. They’ve laid out towers of snow and ice on the lawn, using specialized scaffolding to help reach the massive heights. According to one of their brothers, this will be the 75th year in a row that they built a sculpture for Winter Carnival. 

When asked how such projects are achieved on this scale, another fraternity member responded that they elect a statue chair, who works to plan out the sculpture idea and map the area out. The chair also organizes the schedules for the brothers to help out in shifts. Extensive planning makes these annual marvels possible.