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Student safety a priority for President’s Council on Health and Well-being during 100th Winter Carnival

The President’s Council for Mental Health and Wellbeing is tasked with advocating for student safety during the annual Winter Carnival. In their December meeting, the council discussed possible activities for the event, including giveaways and mocktails, as well as the message they hope to spread encouraging student safety. 

The council discussed their hope to take advantage of the event to advertise the Good Samaritan provision, which allows students to get medical help for alcohol and drug overuse without fear of penalty. The council has already been speaking to students about the provision. “I feel like our messaging is working,” Whitney Boroski, council chair said, regarding the provision.

In addition to addressing safe alcohol use during Winter Carnival, the council expressed their desires to ensure student safety in other ways. “Cold weather awareness is important for Winter Carnival,” said Jill Patterson, representing dining services.

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