Houghton City Council

Tucker Nielsen, Lode Writer

On Nov. 17, the Houghton City Council met to discuss new proposals and decide on a new council member.

They voted for a proposal that opposes the recent bill passed that prevents Houghton from banning short-term rental housing. The recently-passed bill may affect Michigan Tech students looking for year-round housing but can’t find vacant areas.

Community member Mary Minski proposed a family-friendly winter event at Kestner Park. This would be a fundraiser for the winter triathlon on the Tech Trails. The event would have ski ribbons, snowshoeing, and ice skating. 

Police Chief John Donnelly brought up the safety concerns for M-26. He reported that the current roadway’s hillside position leads to accidents, including one fatal crash last year. He briefly proposed a corridor-like structure, similar to a road system in Marquette.

Elections for the next council member were held by the board members. Five candidates were nominated by council members from eight applicants. One of the candidates was Jennifer Rachels, a PhD student in Michigan Tech’s Department of Social Sciences. No clear consensus was reached after three voting sessions, resulting in another election to be held. 

Finally, Kevin “Ducky” Maki was publicly thanked for his countless years managing Dee Stadium. He retired last week and plans to move south. Council members honored his contributions to the local hockey community.