Husky thoughts: Student opinions on campus dining halls


Michigan Tech

Students share their thoughts on Wadsworth Dining Hall.

Rachel Dick, Managing Editor

We went to Wadsworth dining hall to ask students, ‘What do you think of the quality of the dining halls on campus?’ Here is what they had to say:


“The quality of the chicken can see some improvement. It can be raw, extremely oily and dry at the same time.”

—Brandon O’Brien, 1st-year Electrical Engineering major


“The non-dairy milk fridge only ever appears to get room temperature, warm milk equals not good.”

— Alice Schmaltz, 1st year General Engineering major


“The dining halls on campus all have good food, but McNair has the best food.”

— Andrew Shrock, 1st-year Electrical Engineering major


“The dining hall food has gotten better since I’ve been here. However, I would still consider it to just be fairly edible.”

— M.T., 3rd-year Civil Engineering major


“Lacking in variety and protein options.”

—N.M., 2nd-year, undecided


“More square potatoes.”

—Mitch Stacey, 2nd-year Forestry major


“For what I pay, I am highly dissatisfied, the food is bad and the cleanliness of the dining halls aren’t great.”

—Quinn Angus, 2nd-year Biology major