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MTU’s learning centers provide help to students of all disciplines

We’ve all been there — the calculus problem you don’t quite understand, the physics concept you’re having a hard time grasping, organic chemistry (all of it) — sometimes, certain classes at Michigan Tech prove more challenging than others. Especially for students who have always known success, it can be difficult to reach out for help. Thankfully for Michigan Tech students, the university has learning centers in just about every subject offered. Whether you’re struggling with biology, engineering, or an essay, MTU has a learning center for you. 

Many first-year students are required to take some form of entry-level chemistry course at Michigan Tech. Often described as “weeder courses,” these classes truly put new students through the ringer. The Chemistry Learning Center (CLC) offers great resources that can help students succeed in these difficult courses. Students can schedule one-on-one or group appointments, which can be recurring or one-time. Whether you’re struggling with one concept or many things throughout the course, the coaches at the CLC are there to help. They are currently offering both in-person and virtual services. Click here to make an individual appointment. They have specialized hours for first-year chemistry classes and organic chemistry, but feel free to stop in during their walk-in hours for help in other courses as well. 

The Engineering Fundamentals Learning Center serves as a helpful spot for first-year engineering students, who are all required to take specific, entry-level courses as they begin their academic career at MTU. They serve to help with projects, homework, and other concepts learned in the class. They currently have in-person walk-in hours, and you can also get help through Zoom drop-ins. 

If math is the subject you struggle with most, then the Math Learning Center is for you! Their team of dedicated coaches can help you learn the difficult concepts covered in your calculus classes. You can sign up for an appointment with them here, and if those times do not fit your schedule, you can also email them at to find a different time. They also offer walk-in hours, if that fits your schedule better. 

The Michigan Tech Writing Center, previously known as the Michigan Tech Multiliteracies Center, offers help to students of all disciplines with writing assistance. Whether you are creating a cover letter, drafting a research paper, or dabbling in some creative storytelling, the coaches at the Writing Center can help you with many aspects of writing. They currently offer online and in-person meetings, which you can schedule on their website.

The university even has a Career Services Learning Center, where students can get help crafting a resume, work on building networking skills, and even run through a mock interview. As Career Fair approaches and many students start applying for full-time positions and internships, a meeting with a career services counselor may be just what they need. Currently, the Career Services Learning Center is operating on a digital basis. A virtual appointment can be scheduled on Handshake. You can also contact them by email at with any questions. 

If you’re looking for help in areas of college life other than academics, Michigan Tech has Success Coaches available to all students through the Waino Wahtera Center for Student Success. These peer mentors (yes, they are also MTU students!) can help with things like time management, study habits, social interactions, and other skills that are useful during a person’s time at Michigan Tech. You can schedule an appointment by emailing, and they also offer walk-in hours throughout the week.  

As the new semester begins, it’s important to take advantage of tools like the learning centers to start your classes off well. Learning centers are great to utilize if you’re falling behind in classes, don’t understand a topic, or are just looking to improve your grades. For a full list of Michigan Tech’s learning centers and all of their resources, click here

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