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Wine under $10

Isn’t everything better the second time around? For those of you who read my previous article, Wine under $10: The good, the bad, and the ugly, get ready for round two. This week’s edition focuses solely on white wines. While I yet again did not pick a particular type of wine to limit myself to, all of the listed beverages share two things in common: they’re of the white variety as opposed to red or rose, and they’re under $10. 

Again, I’ll remind you – I’m not a huge wine fan. It turns out I’m also even less of a white wine fan than a red wine fan. It just tastes like an acidic hangover waiting to happen. Not the most enjoyable. However, I have learned that many of my peers are in the same boat I have now designated myself captain of – as long as it’s cheap and drinkable, we’re interested. 

Without further ado, here is a list of white wine you can find for under $10 at Jim’s, arranged in order from most to least palatable:

#1Winter White by Leelanau Brewery – $7.49

Leelanau Brewery, yet again hitting it out of the park with another stellar and affordable concoction. While I didn’t love this particular wine as much as their other options, it was by far the best of the bunch in this list, and I would bet the low price of a bottle that someone who enjoys white wine would like this. You have to remember, I just really hate white wine. But I will suffer through this for you, dear reader. With a pleasant, mild, fruity aroma, a less-acidic flavor, a smooth mouthfeel, and a comfortable ABV of 12%, this wine definitely deserves the #1 spot. 

#2Sauvignon Blanc by Rex Goliath – $7.99 

The first thing one notices about this wine is the bottle itself. Rex Goliath features a painting of large (47 lb!) rooster, which serves as an immediate eye-catcher and conversation starter. The wine itself is alright, though rather dry. My first impression of the scent was that it had a strong undertone of rubbing alcohol and rotten fruit. Like seriously rotten fruit. It smells like a straight up garbage. Luckily this did not translate to the flavor. Though it was quite citrusy, leaving an acidic taste in the mouth, it was still drinkable. ABV 12.78%

#3Pinot Grigio by Barefoot – $5.99

Surprise, surprise! Considering my previous experience with their Merlot, I was very reluctant to give them a second chance, but I’m glad I did! I was shocked to discover how enjoyable this wine was. It offers a lovely bouquet of crisp green apples, and the flavor is really okay. I’m not going to tell you it’s great, because it’s not, but it’s totally drinkable. Try mixing this wine with cranberry juice if you find it unpalatable but want to feel like a cool, fancy person who drinks white wine. With a price like that and an ABV of 12.5%, you really can’t go wrong. 

#4Riesling by Schmitt Sohne – $9.99

Rieslings are usually classified as dessert wines, meaning that they pair well with dessert foods. This wine is a perfect example. Please keep that in mind before sampling this wine, as it is excessively sweet. I would also recommend smelling this wine before you drink the whole bottle. Perhaps that will prepare you for the hangover that is surely coming. The low ABV of only 9.5% is just another factor leading to this wine’s placement towards the end of our list. 

#5Buttery Chardonnay by Dark Horse – $7.99

Yikes. This wine is aptly named. I’m honestly not sure who this wine was made for. Butter fanatics? It might pair well with something like steak, or perhaps toast. It’s just so buttery. A very rich wine, if you can get past the aggressive salted dairy under and overtones, it’s actually quite drinkable. ABV of 14.3%. 

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