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Wine under $10

Let me just preface this article by saying that I’m not a huge wine fan. I want to be, I try to be, but I guess it just isn’t meant to be. I’ve written articles on how to fake being really into wine. I’ve researched wines to try if you think you don’t like wine, but unless it’s glorified juice, I’m just not into it. However, I have learned that many of my peers are in the same boat – as long as it’s cheap and drinkable, we’re interested. 

Without further ado, here is a list of red wine you can find for under $10 at Jim’s, arranged in order from most to least palatable:

#1Love My Goat Red Wine by Bully Hill – $7.99

A very drinkable wine, Love My Goat is not too dry, not too sweet, and has a comfortable ABV of 11%. It’s the Goldilocks of wine. Or would a more proper analogy be that it’s the baby bear’s bed of wine? I don’t know, and after an alarmingly easily finished bottle of this mildly fruity red, you won’t either. It’s not as sweet as the next wine on our list, but that’s a bonus – you can feel more mature as you drink this out of mason jars or plastic cups while watching Schitt’s Creek with your roommate. 

#2 Great Lakes Red by Leelanau Brewery – $8.79

This is something you might accidentally put in your kid’s lunchbox. A delicious, lightly effervescent, fruity wine with a surprising ABV of 12%, this wine comes in at only $8.79. You may have heard of this brewery’s very popular other red: a spiced blend called Witch’s Brew, which was sold out in Houghton for a number of months this fall. Think of Great Lakes Red as the cinnamon-free version of Witch’s Brew, for all the boring people out there who don’t want to drink Halloween in a glass year round. 

#3 Bandit Red Blend – $9.09

If you’re like me, you shudder at the thought of most boxed reds. However, let me introduce you to this pleasant little surprise of a wine. Bandit Red Blend is a very pleasant, dare I say quaffable (don’t know that word? see my article on how to fake being really into wine), wine with a lovely little ABV of 13.7%. We like those numbers. 

#4 Alamos Malbec – $9.99

“Smells like wine” – a MTU student

“Tastes like wine too” – another MTU student

There ya have it, folks. This wine is indeed very… wine-y? Making our list at #4, this wine is still drinkable, but much drier that those previously listed. Definitely more of an adult beverage. ABV of 13.5%. 

#5 Flip Flop Cabernet Sauvignon – $5.09 (literally) 

Honestly? I picked this up expecting something similar to Boone’s Farm, what with a price that low. But it was doable! I looked up a few reviews from people who actually know what they’re doing, and everyone pretty much agrees across the board that this is an alright wine, if not a bit boring. I won’t be purchasing this again, but if you like dry, bland wines with reasonable ABV (13.5%) at a pretty unbeatable price, this is the wine for you. 

#6 Piccini Chianti & Barefoot Merlot – I don’t remember, but under $10

Just don’t

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