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Michigan Tech offers virtual well-being workshops, groups and more

Each semester at Michigan Tech is as stressful as the next — exams, lab reports, essays and other assignments pile up as we hunker down to endure difficult MTU classes. Online classes, the COVID-19 pandemic, and politics added to the chaos of 2020. Now, this academic year is proving more difficult than those of the past. Now more than ever is a time where we need to step back, take a deep breath, and realign ourselves to make sure that we are healthy, both in body and mind. 

Michigan Tech’s Center for Student Mental Health and Well-Being is offering various programs throughout the semester to help students that are feeling overwhelmed or just altogether uneasy with their mental health. These include workshops, support and self-improvement groups, free and informal counseling sessions, and more. 

A variety of workshops will take place throughout the semester. The goal of these workshops is to guide students in a specific area in their academic or personal life that they may need help with. The varying topics include Mindful Living, Creating Career Confidence, and Motivation 101, among others. To see the full list of workshops, including dates, times and how to sign up, click here. For additional information or questions, you can also reach out to

The self-improvement and support groups, who meet virtually via Zoom, are a way for students to connect and support each other when going through the same things. There are groups that handle a wide range of scenarios that Michigan Tech students go through. Some are focused on dealing with different mental struggles, while others range from covering anxiety and stress to grief and loss. For the full list of self-improvement and support groups, and to see meeting times and group contacts, click here

For those wanting more professional support, the Center for Student Mental Health and Well-Being also offers free, confidential, and informal counseling consultations. Currently, all consultations are held through Zoom and will continue to be until further notice. The counselors understand that scheduling and attending a counseling session can be awkward and uncomfortable, so their goal is to put students’ minds at ease with counseling services. For information on how to schedule your first appointment, click here. To schedule an appointment, click here, call 906-487-2538, or email

More information on additional programs and events will be published soon in the Student Scoop, a weekly newsletter from MTU’s Student Leadership and Involvement. It’s time to move past the stigma surrounding mental health and wellness. Instead, we should focus on how we can improve awareness for the issues that Michigan Tech students struggle with internally, and help them through it.

If you are in need of mental health services, please reach out to the Center for Student Mental Health and Well-Being by phone at 906-487-2538 or by email at For more information on their counseling services, click here. To report a concern regarding mental health or other situations, click here. You can also reach out to Copper Country Community Mental Health Services during their normal operating hours at (906) 482-9404 or by their 24-hour hotline at 1-800-526-5059. To reach Michigan Tech Public Safety’s non-emergency line, call 906-487-2216. For emergencies, please call 911.

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