Great News Atop Mont Ripley

Chris Davis, News Editor

As something of a saving grace in a world of diminishing activities, those passionate about downhill sports are in luck this winter. Michigan Tech’s staple wintertime feature, Mont Ripley Ski Hill, is set to take advantage of its primarily outdoor attraction and openly offer season passes to Tech students this year.

In an effort to keep Mont Ripley open, and therefore necessarily distant, the ski spot will no longer require Tech patrons to enter the chalet and produce their IDs. Instead, the season passes will simply be worn by skiers and snowboarders while visiting.

In fact, this isn’t the only pandemic-related change on its way to Ripley. In further pursuit of limiting indoor-traffic, Huski Cafe items will be ordered and picked up through an upcoming app. As for rental equipment, Mont Ripley is newly offering an online form to register, complete with scheduled pickup. In addition, seasonal rentals can be purchased through an also-new online store.

As we see contact-reducing measures become more commonplace, pickup services such as this are quickly transforming from creature comforts into real necessities. In doing so, they make possible things that the pandemic might otherwise prevent, and what remains highlights the outdoor prowess of Tech as a University. And not to mention, now that they’re here, it’s a wonder how we’ll ever go back.

You can find out more about Mont Ripley’s operations this coming season from here.