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Five ways to safely enjoy fall break

Fall Break is upon us, Huskies, and while we usually don’t have this mid-semester hiatus, this year, we do! While many people may be tempted to travel away from the Copper Country, the university suggests that students stay close to campus to limit the spread of COVID-19. If you are leaving the area, be sure to stay safe and follow health guidelines, but if like me, you’re sticking close to Houghton, here’s some ways you can still enjoy the time off in the Keweenaw! 


Get Outside

While the Keweenaw is beautiful in every season, fall offers a surplus of gorgeous autumnal colors in the area’s many trees. Take a drive, a bike ride, or a hike to enjoy the colors. Need some trail inspiration? Check out this map from the Keweenaw’s tourism website. We’re also lucky enough to have a plethora of waterfalls at our disposal, many of which you can find with this list. Hungarian Falls, near Hubbell, is a personal favorite of mine, as it’s an easy trip that offers incredible sights. If you’re looking for something a little more intensive, Bare Bluff (aka the Russell and Miriam Grinnell Memorial Nature Sanctuary), near Copper Harbor, offers some of my favorite views in the Keweenaw. Taking in a breathtaking Lake Superior sunset at one of our many area beaches is a good option, too. 


Play Some Games

If the rainy weather we’ve been having this week is discouraging you from heading outside, there are still plenty of things to do inside, too! Michigan Tech students are no strangers to games, and it’s a fun way to pass the time with your housemates or roommates while you’re stuck indoors. You could start a new D&D campaign, check out some newly-popular video games (like Among Us, which is a great option for people who want to play with friends remotely) or break out the old Monopoly board and challenge your housemates to a friendly game of “Who is the best at capitalism?” Any way you play, there’s tons of options available!


Try New Foods

We’re extremely lucky to have so many great restaurants in the Copper Country, many of which offer takeout services! Support a local business and enjoy some new food by ordering from one our local restaurants. Fish tacos from Joey’s never disappoint, and an Ambassador pizza is always a crowd pleaser. If you find yourself on the other side of the lift bridge, Milly’s and La Cantina in Hancock are awesome options, too. If you’re not wanting to order out, you could also learn some new cooking skills, and take to the kitchen yourself! Take the time off of school to perfect a favorite recipe, or try out a time-intensive meal you’ve been wanting to try, but have put off. 


Read a Book

I’ve been reading the same book for months now, and I told myself that I’d finish it over Fall Break. Will this happen? We’ll see. If, like me, you’ve been slacking off on your yearly Goodreads reading challenge, take this time to finish a book, or start a new one! If you’re looking for something to read, the Bookworm in downtown Houghton is a great place to explore new and used books, and you can always visit local libraries, such as Michigan Tech’s Van Pelt and Opie Library, which has books you can check out using your Husky Card, or the Portage Lake District Library, where district residents can get a card for free. 


Treat Yo’ Self

Channel your inner Donna and Tom from Parks and Recreation and Treat Yo’ Self over Fall Break! This could mean lots of things, from grabbing a cup of coffee from one of our many local coffee shops (like Cyberia or Keweenaw Coffee Works) or creating a DIY spa night with your friends, a cheesy movie and some face masks. You deserve to treat yourself sometimes, especially with all of the stressors of work and school. What better time than during this small break?


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