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The king’s face hat

Image by Antonio_Idelvan from Pixabay

Have you ever wanted to grow your hair out longer, but hate dealing with that awkward middle phase? Hats can fix this. All you have to do is wear one every day until your hair is at a desirable length, with no one the wiser of all the strange and less attractive middle stages. The nice thing about this is nobody is alarmed when they see a hat. It is a fairly normal piece of attire and there are but a select few of exceptions in life when you aren’t allowed to wear one. Now, you may see where this is headed already, but I’ll give you all 400 words anyway: masks are hats, but for the face. 

Never has there been a more convenient time in my life to test-run virtually any style of facial hair with almost zero repercussions. In the past, if you’re like me, you sometimes would have to go through a grueling middle phase in a style, or you simply cannot achieve the thickness you need for other styles. You also must consider the styles that don’t work out at all, and the beginning, middle, and end stages are all something that just don’t look right. However, all you have to do now is wear a mask and nobody can tell you to take it off, so they’ll never see the hair until it reaches that beauty that you can wear like a king. 

It is fair to say that masks will (and should) be around for a while. If you start now, you’ll have that mustache you have always wanted in about seven months, with no thin pre-staches to get in your way. I am sure there are plenty of you that can grow a thick beard and all the rest of it within a week or two, therefore this may not apply to you so much. However, those among the readers that aren’t quite as gifted, I implore you to try out the face hat. 

I am not, by any means, stating that you should be ashamed of any facial hair you might grow and should always seek out ways to hide it. I also don’t mean to say that you should be so worried as to how others think you look. Instead, I’m saying that if the only thing that is holding you back from trying out something new (on your face) is the idea of it not working out quite as you expected, which is something you wouldn’t know unless you tried it, then this might just be your ticket in. 

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