UnLODEing Zone


Focus is such a difficult thing to get a handle on. It’s fleeting and fickle. Just when I start to focus on a task my mind suddenly jumps to a different one. It never does what you want it to. Even while writing this my mind is telling me about three other tasks I need to be doing right at this moment and how I should get them done. It makes my head feel like there’s a pep band running around inside of it.

School-wise, I’m beginning to get back on track after too many days where my mind decided it couldn’t focus on anything at all. It’s like lying on a blow-up raft in a lake. You don’t really get a say in which way the water carries you, you’re just trying your best to stay above water.

Except, recently, I think I fell in. I’m well aware that it’s much harder to get back on top of things than just keeping up since the beginning. Sometimes we just can’t help but get knocked down, though. A gust of wind, or some random jerks in a boat rock your floaty and push you off into the cold water. Then you’re stuck dealing with the aftermath. The things that push you down will rarely help you get back up. That doesn’t mean you’re alone.

I can’t remember the amount of times friends have saved me from myself. Sometimes it’s through actions, like helping me work through my struggle, other times it’s just simply being there as a support. Everything is more difficult when faced alone.

I guess it’s just something to keep in mind. No one gets through life alone. There is always some point in a person’s life when they needed help.

However, I don’t think people should go through life believing they shouldn’t help others. We all receive help throughout our lives, therefore we should offer help in other people’s lives.That’s just how cycles work, I guess. There is no start. There is no end. There’s just people trying their best and, hopefully, other people helping them out here and there.