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The Nice List

Hello Team Lode,

Disclaimer: This is not a conflict of interest; it is truly how I feel about the Team.

There is something I wanted to say for a long time, I love working here with you all. Clicking and editing photos, designing posters have always been my hobby.

I was interested in painting at a very early age, but I realized quickly that it was not for me. That is when I started learning Photoshop. And it’s good that I did because that allowed me to know you amazing people.

After Monday Mourning and Tuesday Torture, evenings at the Lode’s office help me release some of the steam and stress.

For a very short time, every Tuesday I can take a break from being ‘Crazy Smart’ and just be Crazy. The friendly work culture and supportive nature of everyone make it easy to collaborate. I will always remember these times. 🙂

Thank you, All!



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